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CSIR UGC NET Syllabus 2013

CSIR UGC NET Exam for the Single Paper MCQ test in Engineering Sciences. The MCQ test paper in Engineering Science shall carry a maximum of 200 marks. The duration of exam shall be three hours. The question paper shall be divided in three parts Part 'A'- This part shall carry 20 questions of General Aptitude, Part ‘B’- This part shall contain 25 questions related to Mathematics and Engineering Aptitude And Part 'C' shall be Engineering 7 Subject. CSIR UGC NET Syllabus & pattern for the Single Paper MCQ test in Engineering Sciences shall be as given below -

Syllabus Part A :
General aptitude with emphasis on logical reasoning, graphical analysis, analytical and numerical ability, quantitative comparisons, series formation, puzzles, etc.

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Syllabus Part B :  Mathematics And Engineering Aptitude

. Linear Algebra
. Calculus
. Complex variables
. Vector Calculus
. Ordinary Differential
. Equations
. Probability
. Solid Body Motion and Fluid Motion
. Energetics
. Electron Transport
. Electromagnetics
. Materials

Part ‘C’ shall contain subject related questions of the following 7 subject areas :
1. Computer Science & Information Technology
2  Electrical Science
3. Electronics
4. Materials Science
5. Fluid Mechanics
6. Solid Mechanics
7. Thermodynamics

Each subject area will have 10 questions. Candidates shall be required to answer any 20 questions out of a total of 70 questions. Each question shall be of 5 marks. The total marks
allocated to this part shall be 100 out of 200.

Negative marking for wrong answers shall be @ 25%

Syllabus Part C :

. Basic Discrete Mathematics
. Digital Logic
. Computer Organization and Architecture
. Programming and Data Structures
. Algorithms
. Operating System
. Databases
. Information Systems and Software Engineering

. Electric Circuits and Fields
. Electrical Machines
. Power Systems
. Control Systems
. Power Electronics and Drives

. Analog Circuits and Systems
. Digital Circuits and Systems
. Signals and Systems
. Communications