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ICICI Bank Login , How to use ICICI Net Banking safely

Simple Tips for use safely ICICI Net Banking, ICICI Bank Login :

With today changing world everyone is looking for fast and time saving tricks to do the things fast. People hate to standing in queues for long for their day to day bank routine work, emerging technology help us to develop and do the things fast and in economic ways.

With the facility provided by e-commerce now we don’t have need to standing in queues and wait for long to our turn. Internet banking gave us superior freedom to do the things faster and in efficient way. All online transaction are completely time consuming, trusted and secure to happen.

Here i am going to illustrate how online banking helping us to improve our lives.

1. Login to bank site, here i am going to provide demo for . Click on Personal  
to enter the site under Login to Internet Banking.

2. Now we will enter to next welcome screen, we need to confirm whether we are sure to continue. Click on Continue to Login button to proceed.

3. New window will open to ask you to enter authentication info. Put UserID and Password onto the required field to login. Press on Log-in button to proceed.

4. Note:- You must use virtual keyboard to enter the authentication info for safety purpose. Once you will enter the correct login information, you will be able to open the main banking                                            site. Here you can grab the world. Do whatever you want to be.

5. The options on left side here you can find like Fund Transfer, Fund Transfer Abroad, Generated/Retrive MMID, Buy/Gift Pure Gold/Silver, Apply for Gift Card, i-Wish – Flexible RD, PPF Account online, Receive Funds, Pay and Visa Credit Card, Virtual Visa Card, Open a Fixed Deposit/Recurring Deposit, Open a fixed deposit with Instant Credit Card, Pre-Paid Recharge, Service Requests, New Mail.
You can explore more and use the info whatever you want to make your life easy.

6. Don’t forgot to logout your account when you have done with your transctions. It is safe and secure method to exit.