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MPPEB MIS Coordinator Study Material Syllabus 2012 Model Paper Answer

MPPEB MIS Coordinator Exam Study material 2012 | MPPEB MIS Coordinator Syllabus 2012 Download | MPPEB MIS Coordinator Exam Model paper , Answer Key, Solved Paper 2012 Download

Computer Basics(Hardware)

 Brief History of Development of Computers, Computer System Concepts, Computer System Characteristics, Capabilities And Limitations, Types of Computers, Basic Components of A Computer System – Control Unit, ALU, Input/output Functions and Characteristics, Memory RAM, ROM, EPROM, PROM and other types of Memory.

 Managing Hardware & Software – 

 Installation of Hardware & Software, Using Scanner Web Camera, Printers. System Tools – Backup, Character Map, Clipboard Viewer, Disk Defragmenter, Drive Space, Scandisk, System Information, System Monitor, Disk Cleanup, Using Windows Update. Browsing the Web with Internet Explorer, Multiple User Features of Windows, Creating and Deleting User, Changing User Password, etc.


History & Features of Linux, Linux Architecture, File System of Linux, Hardware Requirements of Linux, Various flavors of Linux, Linux Standard Directories, Functions of Profile and Login Files in Linux, Linux Kernel


KDE & Gnome Graphical Interfaces, Various Types of Shell Available in Linux, Multi-User Features of Linux, Login and Logout from Linux System, Linux commands – bc, cal, cat, cd, clear, cmp, cp, mv, date, find, ls, pwd, mkdir, more, rm, rmdir, chgrp, chmod, chown, tty, wc, who, whois, grep, telnet, vi editor, Using Floppy, CD-ROMand Pen Drive in Linux, Permissions and Ownership.

Office Packages: 

Office activates and their software requirements, Word-processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation graphics, Database, introduction and comparison of various office suites like MS-Office, Lotus-Office, Star-Office, Open-Office etc.

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